OnTheDay.net is a web application for real-time on-line publication of start lists and results at bicycle races.

For everyone (spectators, racers, officials):

Use your smart phone, iPad, netbook (or anything that can connect to the Internet) over 3G or Wi-Fi:

  • See the start list build as riders report to registration.
  • Who is that rider off the front? Find out from the on-line start list!
  • See results as soon as they are available.

For promoters:

OnTheDay.net is written by a long-time race registration director for race registration directors.

Key feature: Multiple race personnel enter data simultaneously

  • Take one internet hotspot (could be a phone with the feature or a dedicated hotspot device)
  • Add two or more laptops plus a printer
  • You are no longer restricted to a single computer for data entry.
  • The data entry bottleneck is eased – data entry workload can be shared.

See our promoters information page if you want to use OnTheDay.net for your race.

OnTheDay.net web-app manages all aspects of running race registration.

Features – Before the day:

  • Definition of your events.
  • Uploading of official rider databases for your event.
  • Uploading of pre-entries from any on-line pre-registration service – cross-referenced to your rider database for data accuracy.
  • Printer friendly PDF pre-registered riders and available entries lists for use at registration.

Features – On the day:

  • Multiple race personnel can update data simultaneously.
  • Easy rider reporting for number pick-up.
  • Query rider database to add day entry.
  • Easy unlisted rider addition.
  • Day entries merge seamlessly with pre-registrations.
  • Start list is already visible by the officials!
  • Printer friendly PDF generated for hardcopy output.
  • Race results can be entered directly by the officials.
  • Race results can be made available on-line immediately after data entry.
  • Printer friendly PDF results for posting.
  • Netbook & printer enables posting of results.
  • Built-in error checking – duplicate race numbers and results cannot be assigned in the database.

Features – End of the day:

  • Full results PDF file for posting results on your own website.
  • Full rider count breakdown, including count of unique riders for Chief Referee’s report to USAC.
  • Simple download of results in correct format for USAC results submission.
Posted April 26th, 2010 by OTDadmin