Licensed rider lists upload


Upload of all files should be completed prior to opening registration.


Files already uploaded are linked to by name so you can always inspect the files that you have uploaded.


  1. CLEAR ALL YOUR RIDER DATA (rider database & entries), and then
  2. Upload the specified rider file.


  • Add the specified file to your existing rider database.


Allows you to skip uploading a rider database file. Note: ALL rider data entry will be manual if you do not upload a database.

Reset ALL rider data

Does what it says – Executes Step 1 of Initialize.

Rider Database file formats

CSV file formats that are recognised are:

  • USCF regional or complete (recommended) rider lists
  • Complete USPRO rider lis

These rider lists are available from USAC in the Race Promoter Downloads option in the Special USA Cycling Tools section of your My USA Cycling page.

Sample files with fictional data are available as part of the demonstration criterium.

New file formats

Additional rider database file formats can be added as requested. Please give us a sample format at least 4 weeks before your event to allow sufficient time for development and testing.

Posted October 22nd, 2010 by OTDadmin