Pre-reg rider list upload


Upload of all files should be completed prior to opening registration.


Uploading a file will:

  2. Upload the entries in the specified file.


Allows you to skip uploading a pre-registration file – there will be no pre-entries listed for your race.

Clear ALL registration data

Does what it says – Executes Step 1 of the upload process.

Recognized formats

CSV file formats that are recognised are:

  • standard download and RaceDay formats.
  • USACycling format. expects .csv file format for the upload. If necessary, export an Excel or other file format to .csv.

It is straightforward to add support for other race registration formats.

Number assignment

You choose in Race Day configuration to have assign numbers based upon the specified number ranges or assign numbers manually before upload. Numbers are assigned automatically based on entry order in the upload file. If you assign numbers manually will provide error checking for duplicates or numbers outside the range for a particular event.

Wait list

When using automatic number assignment, if encounters more entries for an event than available numbers, a wait list is generated automatically. If you are assigning numbers manually a race number of -1 indicates that a rider should be added to the wait list for an event.

Other formats

If you plan to use a file format that is not listed, WILL add the capability to upload it for you. You will need to provide an example of your upload file format at least 3 weeks in advance of your race day to give sufficient time for the upload capability to be added and tested properly.

Posted October 22nd, 2010 by OTDadmin