Race Day configuration

Much of the race day configuration is set by OnTheDay.net when creating your event from your race flier. Please confirm that the information that is listed is correct and let us know if corrections are needed.

Some options are configurable by the race promoter:


Upload file source & event column

The first 2 lines specify the type of pre-registered riders file that will be uploaded and the column in it that is used to identify the category of each entry. You will specify the unique text for each category when in the category configuration.

The list of formats supported is maintained here.

If you plan to use a file format that is not listed, OnTheDay.net WILL add the capability to upload it for you. You will need to provide an example of your upload file format at least 3 weeks in advance of your race day to give sufficient time for the upload capability to be added and tested properly.

Team name precedence

You must choose which source to use for a rider’s Team:

  • current Team as listed by USAC, or
  • the Team Name indicated by the rider to your the pre-registration service.

Rider number set by:

OnTheDay.net can use either numbers already assigned by your-pregistration service or assign numbers in upload file order for each event using the number ranges defined in the event configuration.

Posted October 22nd, 2010 by OTDadmin