Reporting pre-reg riders

There are 2 ways to report a pre-registered rider.

1 – Individually

The entries of each rider can be viewed by either

  • searching for a rider using the Registration menu, or
  • following a link to the rider name in a pre-registered rider list for an event.

Here is a listing of a fictional rider’s entries:


The rider has been assigned numbers due to being pre-registered, but has yet to report to registration.

Select the check box for each number that the rider has collected. Use one of the Update buttons to record your changes.

If a rider registers for a new event that wasn’t part of the pre-entry, simply enter that number in the event and mark the number collected. Again, use an Update button to record the change.

Riders that are listed as Reported/Collected now show up on the Start Lists for the appropriate categories.

When a successful update is performed the Registration menu is added to the page to allow an immediate search for the next rider without having to navigate back to the main race page.

2 – In groups

Pre-registered riders for a single category can be reported in groups.

Using the Select event & action menu choose the appropriate event and the “View unreported riders” action. You will see the complete list of unreported riders for the selected event.


Check off each rider that has reported and record the changes with the “Report riders” button. The selected riders will have their entries for the selected event updated and will now appear on the event’s start list.

Posted October 22nd, 2010 by OTDadmin