Criteriums & road races

Selecting the “Enter Results” action brings you to the results entry screen.


The number of places available matches the number of riders on the start list for the event.

  • Enter the race numbers in the appropriate places.
  • For a missed number, leave the entry blank.
  • When updating, will confirm that the entered numbers are on the start list.
  • If there are errors, will indicate in the error message in square brackets “[xx]” the places that are triggering the errors.

Note: entered results are only stored by when an Update returns no errors.

Rider not found

If a race number is reported by the officials, but cannot be found on the start list when updating, some follow-up with registration is required.

  1. Make a note of the number,
  2. Remove number from the results list and then select Update.
  3. If there are no further errors, your work is saved.
  4. Now follow up with registration to correct the start list.
  5. Once the start list is corrected, you can edit the results as necessary.

Edit option – Place insertion/deletion

It is occasionally necessary to insert or delete a place while keeping the already entered results. The insert or delete edit option allows this. Note that the number of places available remains the same.

  • Insert – moves places down one step below the insertion, losing the last place off the bottom.
  • Delete – moved places up one step below the deletion, adding a blank place at the bottom.

Reminder – changes aren’t stored until a successful Update to performed.


Once all errors have been addressed, the status can be changed from Unpublished to Posted. Posted results become visible to the public on

Posted October 22nd, 2010 by OTDadmin